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To reinforce our vineyard’s unique terroir, we follow organic and biodynamic practices. Respect of our soil, vines, climate and weather patterns guide our daily work. We are passionately committed to our wine’s quality.

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Through organic principles, Domaine Fontainebleau en Provence’s team strive to transmit the uniqueness of its terroir.

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Sometimes the harvests are carried out manually and the grapes are strictly selected on the vine, then upon arrival at the winery. For others, they are picked up using a latest generation harvesting machine, equipped with sorting on-board grapes, to ensure a quality result.


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This 170 ha estate (including 38 ha of vines) is anchored in a unique terroir composed of red sedimentary rocks. This tasty soil rich in aromas gives the wine a unique complexity and character.
The special vineyard’s layout as a Roman amphitheater allows vines to benefit from a cool microclimate.
All these elements contribute to preserve all the finesse, freshness and balance of expression that constitute the great wines of Provence.

Grape varieties are planted on all types of soil, in all possible directions.

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The hectares of vines are divided into small plots spread over the entire estate. These are divided between Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, vieux Carignans, Ugni blanc, Syrah, Vermentino et vieux Cinsaults... The result is complex, balanced reds, rosés and whites made from AOP Coteaux-varois-en-provence and AOP Côtes-de-provence.

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Since 2013, this renowned oenologist has cultivated authenticity and humility in her practice.

“In the case of Domaine Fontainebleau en Provence, its strong natural potential requires specific qualities for an oenologist: first of all humility but also thoroughness and precision. I mean not being too interventionist but respect the nature and combine it with a thorough work methodology from the vine work to the wine production, to make the most of the terroir.”